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Land Use Planning Thought(s)

I was walking to the library, to work on some material for my meeting with Mike Nearman (Note I want to call him Paul Newman), and I got to thinking; why would Democrats be against expanding the UGB? We already know that current land use planning laws and the UGB have made rent and housing prices higher, and hurt business. Why then do we have these laws?

Of course, democrats will say we want to preserve the beauty of the land. Which is true, we do. We can do this, without rigid laws that hurt people by causing higher prices. When you see your representative I want you to ask the following three questions about UGB.

  • Do you want to make housing prices higher for us?
  • Do you want to hurt businesses?

Hopefully, they answered no to both answers, if they didn’t get rid of them now!

  • Or is it that you want to keep people clustered together, to make them more dependent on government services?

That’s what I see the UGB as Democrats know that they only receive votes from those in urban areas. If people began to spread out, and depend on themselves, they would tend to align with Republicans more.  We saw a large example of this in the last election.

Just a thought for you.