Some questions for a political candidate part 1

In a two-part series, I want to take some time to answer various questions, I feel are good for politicians to answer.  If you have any questions, in addition to this, please let me know.

1. Can lawmakers enact legislation for any purpose “in the public interest,” or are they limited to those functions for which they’ve been delegated specific powers?

Short answer, no. Actually, this is the only answer, but it appears that our government keeps wanting to reach for more power. Agencies are granted power, through the house and senate, but when those agencies including our governor start taking more power we have a problem.

2. Are residents of our state free to engage in any business they choose?

Not all the time. There are a few that come to mind here, namely selling of illegal drugs and arms, prostitution, and human trafficking; are all examples of businesses residents cannot participate in. Everyone has the right to operate a legal business, and run it successfully, or unsuccessfully, dependent on many factors on how they run their business.

I strongly believe in the power, of an individual to chose how they live and operate their life and business. So long as it does not negatively affect another.

I’m not talking about being offended because someone refuses to sell a certain service to a customer. I’m talking real harm here, not micro-aggression type harm.

3. If a police officer stops a car in which the driver is carrying a legal pistol, with a permit, should the officer disarm the driver before proceeding to write a ticket?

Jim Jacobe has a simple answer for this, hand them your carrying permit with your license and registration. Police officers put their lives on the line day in and day out, be kind and courteous. I know of no legal and responsible gun owner, who would have a need to be disarmed when a police officer pulls them over.

So no, a police officer does not need to do this but has every right to take legal precautions to make sure he or she gets home safely at the end of the shift. If you find yourself in this situation, alert the officer your carrying, and do as instructed. Cops are good guys.

Update 1.16.18: After some good discussion, I’ve decided, to reverse course on handing an officer your CHL. They will already know when they pull you over (if you’re driving your own car).

Please do respect cops.

4. Do we need more “gun control” (victim disarmament) laws?

NO! Any proposed law would not have stopped any of the horrible mass shootings we’ve seen recently. We need to enforce the current laws that we do have. This would have prevented the recent Texas mass shooting. We see that states with the highest gun control laws have the worse gun violence. I’m looking at you Chicago and California.

That’s it for the first part, come back for the second.

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2 thoughts on “Some questions for a political candidate part 1

  1. Rodney Stubbs December 31, 2017 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    And what party do you support?

    • Chambers2018 January 16, 2018 at 11:53 pm - Reply

      I lean more towards the Republican party. Thanks for asking!

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