Our Economy

The Problem

Business in Oregon is being squeezed. Many are beginning to sense they are no longer wanted here. Whether it is lost Wilsonville Microsoft jobs to China,  or the small business on the street corner in Independence, Oregon is making it hard for business. Kate Brown, Paul Evans, and the Democrats that run our government have led the charge, most recently, with a new tax increase on health care providers.

Small business is burdened with hundreds of pages of codes and licensing procedures that takes away the incentive to even start. This hurts everyone in small communities like HD 20. Business is a big ingredient in the glue that holds us together.

Have you ever smelt billions of dollars?

This last August you did as you struggled for oxygen. Billions of dollars of natural resources were wasted this summer due to horrific forest mismanagement. The federal government has been swallowing up our land in Oregon and along with the self-inflicted wounds of radical environmentalism have restricting access to responsible logging practices. It’s high time to take advantage of our most sustainable resource and bring back jobs to their rightful owner; Oregonians.

The Solution

“It is time to stop treating taxpayer wallets as a resource when we have an abundance of natural resources all around us.” 

  • Roll back over-burdensome regulation and taxes for small businesses. 
  • Budget state finances properly e.g. no more wasting $88 million in wasted OHA funding. 
  • Roll back taxes across the board. 
  • Offer tax incentive programs for startup companies both in state and out of state.
  • Open up our forests by: 
    • Increase the acreage that can be logged up to 500 acres. 
    • Allow the harvesting of 80% of useable timber in forests that have been previously burnt. 
    • Gain control of Federal land. 
    • Allow the use of the global supertanker, to prevent wasted spending in forest fire control.  
    • Establish buffer zones around scenic routes, and waterways based on individual environment (“One size does not fit all” Roseburg 2013) 
    • Designate 50% of the new money to statewide infrastructure upgrades. 
    • Designate 30% of the new money to higher education programs. 
    • Designate 20% to pay of PERS debt, once PERS is under control money to be split between infrastructure and K-12.  

Land use Planning Laws 

The Cause 

  • Oregon’s land use laws cause Oregon’s housing prices to increase 3% to 8% above the national average per year. 
  • Excessive fees, licenses, and permits increase the amount a new house costs by $20,000 to $40,000, while also adding months to the time it takes to build while going through the permit process. 
  • Urban Growth Boundary does not match population growth. 

The Plan 

  • Eliminate LCDC and goals become guidelines, not laws. 
  • If we cannot eliminate LCDC make positions electable positions. 
  • 3 of the 7 positions will be from urban areas. 
  • 3 of the 7 positions will be from rural areas. 
  • The 7th position will be appointed by the governor. 
  • Return power to localities. 
  • Roll back mandates, fees, and licenses. 
  • Streamline permit process to reduce time. 
  • Expand UGB to match population growth.