Education Private Verse Public

Someone asked a very great question, on  this statement “…private and charter schools; when these schools produce better results than our public schools.” I was asked if I had data to back this up. Of course, I do, I decided to centralize these source in this post. Keep checking back as data is added to this page.

*I believe in Public Schools, that there are many benefits and more opportunities in Public Schools, but the way they are being managed by the government is not working. It hurts, Teachers, Students, and our State.

*Teachers need to be allowed to teach to comprehension, not to a test. We need to support our teachers more.

*Oregon Private Schools are volunteer reporting, so there is no centralized reporting as we see with Public Schools.

Private School Enrollment Size In Oregon

Overview Of Oregon Private Schools By County

Overview Of The Cost And Benefits

Intro To Standards And Accreditation – Comparable Grad Rates Public 82% v. Private 95%

Good Summary

Large Amounts Of Data comparing SATs / ACTS, Minority Performance, Standardized Testing, Students Going To College



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