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For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release |2.23.18 | Friends of Kevin Scott Chambers | (503) 884 – 7827 |

The unfortunate Traffic delay in Salem today 2.23.18 that caused many people to be upwards of 1 hour or more late to work, is just another example of why we need a third bridge. There is no logical reason to stand against a bridge that is desperately needed. The fact that many state and local leaders continue to stand against this needed bridge, shows a true lack of leadership.

We already have bridges that are at capacity, with a city and surrounding area increasing in population. When an earthquake hits, and both those bridges crumble, all those west of the Willamette will be isolated. I’m selfish, I don’t want to be separated from my wife when an earthquake hits.

Today’s backup is just one of many reasons why I am running for State Representative for District 20, to make sure that we have a seismically stable third bridge, that will decrease the frequencies and length of these type of backups.

Kevin S Chambers Candidate for Oregon House District 20

Education Private Verse Public

Someone asked a very great question, on  this statement “…private and charter schools; when these schools produce better results than our public schools.” I was asked if I had data to back this up. Of course, I do, I decided to centralize these source in this post. Keep checking back as data is added to this page.

*I believe in Public Schools, that there are many benefits and more opportunities in Public Schools, but the way they are being managed by the government is not working. It hurts, Teachers, Students, and our State.

*Teachers need to be allowed to teach to comprehension, not to a test. We need to support our teachers more.

*Oregon Private Schools are volunteer reporting, so there is no centralized reporting as we see with Public Schools.

Private School Enrollment Size In Oregon

Overview Of Oregon Private Schools By County

Overview Of The Cost And Benefits

Intro To Standards And Accreditation – Comparable Grad Rates Public 82% v. Private 95%

Good Summary

Large Amounts Of Data comparing SATs / ACTS, Minority Performance, Standardized Testing, Students Going To College



Some questions for a political candidate part 1

In a two-part series, I want to take some time to answer various questions, I feel are good for politicians to answer.  If you have any questions, in addition to this, please let me know.

1. Can lawmakers enact legislation for any purpose “in the public interest,” or are they limited to those functions for which they’ve been delegated specific powers?

Short answer, no. Actually, this is the only answer, but it appears that our government keeps wanting to reach for more power. Agencies are granted power, through the house and senate, but when those agencies including our governor start taking more power we have a problem.

2. Are residents of our state free to engage in any business they choose?

Not all the time. There are a few that come to mind here, namely selling of illegal drugs and arms, prostitution, and human trafficking; are all examples of businesses residents cannot participate in. Everyone has the right to operate a legal business, and run it successfully, or unsuccessfully, dependent on many factors on how they run their business.

I strongly believe in the power, of an individual to chose how they live and operate their life and business. So long as it does not negatively affect another.

I’m not talking about being offended because someone refuses to sell a certain service to a customer. I’m talking real harm here, not micro-aggression type harm.

3. If a police officer stops a car in which the driver is carrying a legal pistol, with a permit, should the officer disarm the driver before proceeding to write a ticket?

Jim Jacobe has a simple answer for this, hand them your carrying permit with your license and registration. Police officers put their lives on the line day in and day out, be kind and courteous. I know of no legal and responsible gun owner, who would have a need to be disarmed when a police officer pulls them over.

So no, a police officer does not need to do this but has every right to take legal precautions to make sure he or she gets home safely at the end of the shift. If you find yourself in this situation, alert the officer your carrying, and do as instructed. Cops are good guys.

Update 1.16.18: After some good discussion, I’ve decided, to reverse course on handing an officer your CHL. They will already know when they pull you over (if you’re driving your own car).

Please do respect cops.

4. Do we need more “gun control” (victim disarmament) laws?

NO! Any proposed law would not have stopped any of the horrible mass shootings we’ve seen recently. We need to enforce the current laws that we do have. This would have prevented the recent Texas mass shooting. We see that states with the highest gun control laws have the worse gun violence. I’m looking at you Chicago and California.

That’s it for the first part, come back for the second.

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A Millennial Running!

The two questions I get asked all the time are: Why are you running, and what about your age? Both are valid questions, but most candidates I’m guessing only get asked the first question. I’m here to talk about the second question. First, let me ask you a few questions. How many times have you thought to yourself I wish the younger generation would get involved? If only Millennials showed up and voted? Do you wish Millennials would actually focus on change, instead of being a Social Justice Warrior on social media?

I’m a Millennial, and I’m running for State Representative, I’m getting involved, I’m voting, and I’m going to fix the problems we face. So why then is my age an issue for some? Could it be that it frightens them? Millennials did not create the problems that our state and country are facing, but Millennials will have to fix them. I’m stepping up, for those around me to fight for them.

Let me be clear on this, I see the problems, we are in a state that over taxes, we do not utilize our natural resources, we spend more than we make, social issues and how our governor looks are more important than the well being of struggling Oregonians. Our state education is horrid, Infrastructure is one natural disaster away from crumbling, more and more taxes are imposed on working-class citizens and small businesses.

Yes, a majority of Millennials do not get involved, though there are those that do. I am getting involved in the most direct way I can, I’m running for a political office. The bill accrued over the last 30 years has come due.

Do not judge me by my age, do not judge me for the lack of experience in the political arena. Judge me by my actions, by my ideas, and by my attitude.

Let us work together and put this state back on course. If you agree, if you see the problems and want to join the fight, click the join me bottom. If you are able, we need help sending out mailers, we need $500 to send out the first set, can you donate?

I see the pain my friends, family, and community feels, I also see the pain that is coming our way.  Together we can prepare and create a better future.

Guns, and Paul Evans thoughts on the 2nd Amendment.

The timing of this post is a bit inconvenient, due to the horrible incident in Vegas. What I got from our leaders, those on the left immediately called for more gun control, while those on the right were silent. I asked that before we make this political, we help those who are hurt, help those who are mourning, and gather all information.

Well those on the left, made this political right away before the blood even dried. This is unacceptable, people were literally wailing in shock, while people like Hilary Clinton, made this about gun control. Why? What we now know is that no originally proposed law would have done anything to prevent this.

What proposal I am hearing now, is a ban on the bump stock that the shooter used. I won’t stand in the way of banning this, and it is the only proposal I actually have heard that would have presented a challenge to the shooter.

Update: 1.16.18 After talking with several people, I do not believe it is a good idea to just give free regulation on gun control. We must continue to fight for our rights, handed to us in the 2nd Amendment; especially in this state.

Now I want you to read this quote, taken from an article Paul Evans, my current opponent for Oregon House District 20. This quote was taken from Blue Oregon and can be found by clicking here.

“Second, we must recast the debate: instead of arguing over what the original intent of the Founders was (or was not) regarding the 2nd Amendment – let us modernize the agreement between the governed and our government.”

I’ve got some questions for Paul Evans:

We shouldn’t argue over the original intent of what the founding fathers had for the constitution? Does that mean we shouldn’t argue over the original intent of saying the 1st amendment? Or should people pick and chose what sections of the Constitution we should argue the intent of, only when it is convenient for these people? Who picks these people?

I’m not sorry Paul Evans, you can’t pick and chose what the intent was, based on what is convenient for you. If you no longer want to argue the intent of the 2nd amendment, than we no longer argue the intent of the rest. This, of course, means we can get rid of the supreme court who is meant to interrupt and rule on the original intent of the constitution.

Paul Evans, just like those in our government only want to allow rules that are convenient to them. When a law such as the second amendment is inconvenient to them, they wish to get rid of this. I’m here to stop this overreach of power and give more power to the people.



Land Use Planning Thought(s)

I was walking to the library, to work on some material for my meeting with Mike Nearman (Note I want to call him Paul Newman), and I got to thinking; why would Democrats be against expanding the UGB? We already know that current land use planning laws and the UGB have made rent and housing prices higher, and hurt business. Why then do we have these laws?

Of course, democrats will say we want to preserve the beauty of the land. Which is true, we do. We can do this, without rigid laws that hurt people by causing higher prices. When you see your representative I want you to ask the following three questions about UGB.

  • Do you want to make housing prices higher for us?
  • Do you want to hurt businesses?

Hopefully, they answered no to both answers, if they didn’t get rid of them now!

  • Or is it that you want to keep people clustered together, to make them more dependent on government services?

That’s what I see the UGB as Democrats know that they only receive votes from those in urban areas. If people began to spread out, and depend on themselves, they would tend to align with Republicans more.  We saw a large example of this in the last election.

Just a thought for you.