About Kevin

After graduating high school, Kevin tried three different colleges but came back to District 20 to attend Western Oregon University. He finished his coursework in 2014 as an Earth Science major. He is currently using his background in geology while working for Robinson Well Drilling in Salem.

On October 23rd, 2017 Kevin resigned from Robinson Well Drilling, having enough Independent Contractor work in web design. The move was designed to allow Kevin more time to focus on his campaign.

After college, Kevin got lucky and married his beautiful wife Lexi Betts. They live in Monmouth with their pet dog and extreme fat cat.

Growing up in District 20 has allowed Kevin to become acutely attuned to the struggles and successes of the people here. Working hard and trying to get by is something he is used to, like many others here. He knows the working family struggles of high housing costs, high health insurance premiums, and the crushing burden of student loans. He is ready to do something about it.

For the last 5 years, Kevin has poured thousands of hours into his startup Film / TV production and distribution company. During this time, he had multiple offers of significant investment, at the cost of moving the company out of Oregon; due to Oregon’s anti-business environment and tax code. In addition to his own business, he has help run and lead multiple small businesses over the years. Giving Kevin the insight to how difficult it is for small businesses and their families.

Now is the time to help fix the problems that plague way too many in HD20 and in Oregon. This is how Kevin has always been. He’s been a proactive fighter for what he believes in. His strong beliefs in family and community, integrity, and personal responsibility are his guiding light. Oregon needs people in our government that truly care about their constituents, use common-sense and fight for Oregonians every day. Our State needs a fresh voice and Kevin is that voice.


Let’s Move Oregon Forward With Fresh Ideas