Kevin Chambers For Oregon House District 20

Waking up this morning, I did not see what I wanted to see. However, I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to run, and to interact with so many of my neighbors over the last 9 months. I’m so thankful for the support of my wife, family, friends, staff, and voters.

It is unfortunate that our constitutional and civil rights shall continue to be infringed on in this state. I believe we shall continue to see increases in housing prices, taxes, and cost of living, students will continue to amass debt at record numbers and shall be further burdened when they graduate. Our state will continue to be unprepared for a major earthquake. Of course, this could all change if our leaders decide to start doing their jobs.

I wish Selma the best of luck going forward, I cannot endorse or support her campaign at this time due to major differences on key issues between us. I encourage you to reach out to her and her campaign and make your own decision.

While I have been approached by some of doing a write-in campaign at this time I do not believe this to be best, I believe not being involved with HD 20 general election and giving Selma’s campaign space to fight the good fight, to be the right thing to do. I am encouraged by the final vote count and cost per vote where we spent approximately $2.17 per vote, and Selma spent $17.50 which shows we had the stronger campaign strategy and message, but a lack of financing to fully deliver the message.

Make no mistake I am not getting out of politics, I am not going anywhere, young conservatives need a voice! I know the struggles they face, and the struggles ordinary voters face. I have already begun partnering with local races around the area, and with those who want to be involved to begin building a Republican Bench, similar to that of the Democrats in this state, so we have Republicans ready to step in and step up when needed.

There will be other announcements coming over the weeks, of other plans. I’m not going anyone, I will continue to be active and involved and will continue to pursue making Oregon better for all. Thank you!

–Kevin S Chambers 5.16.18